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Date Updated18-03-2014
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See how unique and spectacular images are grown when using each color only once.

My painting algorithm which produced the YouTube video "All RGB colors in an image" was featured in New Scientist (, Gizmodo ( and many other magazines. You can now run the exact same algorithm on your Android device.

This is a beta version. It means that it was not extensively tested on many devices and it has only one feature. I would love to hear your feedback about how it runs on your device! I will also run tests on more devices myself. Many more features will be added soon, so stay tuned!

The point of the program is that every generated image uses all RGB colors only once. Every pixel is a different color, and the number of colors depends on your device's screen resolution. Most importantly, the images are produced in a way that they just look spectacular. It all starts with one random pixel, and then more pixels are added, one by one, next to already placed and similarly colored pixels. You can see the growing process in real time. When you start the app, it will immediately begin drawing. If you tap somewhere, a new drawing will begin from where you tapped.

What New

Android 2.2 now supported. Keep screen on while drawing. Minor icon design change.

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Rainbow Smoke demo 1.0.2

Date Updated : 18-03-2014