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Date Updated03-01-2016
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Random Art generates Random Artwork of various shapes, sizes and colors.

Random Art is a fun app which allows you to generate Random Artwork of various shapes, sizes and colors.
With each click of a button, a new piece of drawing is generated using random variables. No two drawings would be the same! Surprise yourself with what you can find. When you are satisfied with a drawing, you can press the save/share button to:

Save it,
- Phone Gallery
- Dropbox

Edit it,
- Evernote

or share it
- Email.

You can also set the type (rectangles, arcs, ovals, circles, lines, triangles, polygons and rounded rectangles) and number of shapes to be generated. Simply go to settings, then select the number of each of the shape to be drawn.
You can now also add text to your drawing!

What New

- Shake phone to generate drawings feature
- Start/Stop toggle button for auto-generation of drawings

Improved UI and Layout

User can now add Text (Greetings or Messages) to the drawing.

Added new shapes: Triangles, Polygons and Rounded Rectangles

Preference settings for user to select the type and number of shapes to be drawn.

Multi-language support (for Chinese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese).

Latest Version

Random Art 1.0

Date Updated : 03-01-2016