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Date Updated22-12-2015
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For the self-construction of exclusive Greeting Cards.

Hello is friends!
Write a headline cards.
Add one or two drawings from the library application.
Set the desired size, slope, shadow, and the location of the title and image.
Select border for the greeting card.
Select the desired color for the header, canvas, border and frame.
For any color select the desired brightness and color saturation.
Attention! In the background you can select any PHOTO from YOUR GALLERY or texture from the library of applications!
Write your greeting text.
Congratulate your friends and loved ones a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Jubilee, Wedding Day, Happy Valentine's Day or any Festive Event.
Send your postcard by MMS, E-Mail, FaceBook, Badoo, G+, Twitter, etc.
Find your product in the gallery the device and print on a color printer (if you wish).

Be creative!
Show your imagination!
Surprise your friends and loved ones!

Good luck, Friends!

P. S. Sorry for my English.

What New

Drawings, Title and greeting text can be placed anywhere in the greeting card.
You can change the size of the header, drawings and text greetings.
You can change the slope of the Header and rotate pictures.
You can mirror your selected images.
You can add a shadow Header and drawings.
You can change the color, brightness and saturation of the background, border and frame.
You can use ready-made texture for background.
You can change the type of edging.

Latest Version

Greeting Card Editor 4.0

Date Updated : 22-12-2015