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Date Updated23-03-2015
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Filter, square with no crop, share full size photos automatically! Time saving !

SqrMe is the fastest way to automatically filter, square and share your photos instantly with no cropping, automatically, only ONE step :

1) Choose SqrMe app for sharing a photo (from gallery, web page, camera ...) and it will automatically make the magic...

Main features:
★ Automatically Square shaped pics with no crop, filter images, photos, pictures
★ Instantly share on popular social networks
★ Take a photo, it will be automatically squared and filtered
★ Square and enhance images from other applications
★ Camera mode to instantly take a shot and automatically square your photo at start up

★ Add blur effect on background frame
★ Set any image as background !
★ 400 background textures (wood, water, glass, brick, roof, sky ...)
★ Many background colors with color chart
★ Add any picture in background folder to load automatically for your backgrounds

★ Rotate/flip or enhance with filters
★ Choose image position
★ Add a reflection effect
★ Apply filters : quick preselected filters or aviary complete features
★ Even a "No Square option"

★ Auto filter : apply default filter automatically
★ Auto color : set the dominant color of your picture as background automatically
★ Auto Blur frame

★ Save available Exif data
★ Save image (long click)
★ Sliding panel for quick access

★ Hashtags : 28 most popular tags for your followers or any texts ready to use !
★ Set a delay to copy Tags : SqrMe will copy them for you automatically after a delay

Have a great time with SqrMe !

What New

★ instant Camera (magic)
★ blur & auto blur as background picture + instant sharing
★ auto color

- bug fixes
★ Move image position
★ Set any image as background!
★ Quick filters
★ Auto filters : apply an effect automatically
★ Explore popular images from Flickr or 500px collections
★ Camera mode
★ Performance, design & photo quality improvements

-400 background textures !
-Save image
-"No Square option"
-most popular tags
-set a delay to copy tags
-Exif data

Latest Version

SqrMe - Square Photo Editor 1.2.3

Date Updated : 23-03-2015